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Refereed journal articles and book chapters


O'Sullivan, V. (2021). Tara Page's ‘Placemaking: A new materialist theory of pedagogy’: A becoming book-review. Educational Philosophy and Theory.


O'Sullivan, V. (2021). A project of mourning: Attuning to the impact of 'anthropocentric-noise disorder' on non-human kin.

In A. MacKenzie, R. Jennifer, & I. Bhatt (Eds.), The epistemology of deceit in a postdigital era. Springer.

O’Sullivan, V. (2021). Vibrant matter’s fitness for death: The scandal of bobby calves in New Zealand’s farming industry. Knowledge Cultures, 9(2), 59–116.

O’Sullivan, V. (2020). Non-human animal trauma during the pandemic. Postdigital Science and Education, 588–596. 

O’Sullivan, V. (2020). On the educative potential of reservoir bats: Practices of response-ability for the Chthulucene. Knowledge Cultures,

8(2), 16–22.

Craw, J., & O’Sullivan, V. (2016). Art-at-Work: Moving beyond, with the histories of education and art in 

Aotearoa New Zealand. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 48:7, pp. 711-728, DOI: 10.1080/00131857.2016.1158091.


O’Sullivan, V., & Craw, J. (2015). Engaging the para-site(s) to re-vive art-life. In Z. Stanhope & C. McIntosh (Eds.), Engaging Publics, Public Engagement (pp. 147-160). Auckland: Auckland Art Gallery, Toi o Tamaki.


O’Sullivan, V. (2014) The temporality of trees: An encounter with puriri, time, space, self and other at 5.46am. Educational Provocations, pp. 8-11.

O’Sullivan, V. (2012). Investigating virtual k(onstruction): An exploration into art practices and i-pad apps. Educational Provocations, 2, pp. 217-220.


Creative works (poems and micro-fiction)

O’Sullivan, V. (2020). On the strange synchronicity and associative potential of lockdown dreams. Meniscus Literary Journal, 8:1, p. 15.


O'Sullivan, V. (2016). French Bay, Titirangi. In A. Roddick, & C. Beynon (Eds.),The unexpected 

greenness of trees: Poems from the Caselberg Trust's International Poetry Competition (pp. 17). Dunedin, New Zealand: Caselberg Press.


O’Sullivan, V. (2012). Water and its properties: A collection of short stories. Unpublished Masters of Creative Writing thesis, the University of Auckland.

Educational resource

Grieve, K., & O'Sullivan V. (2016) Level 1 NCEA Visual Arts Study Guide. ESA Publications. 




O’Sullivan, V. (2020). Violence, milk and pedagogy? Re-thinking relationships between non-human animals 

and schools. Animals in Society blog.

O’Sullivan, V. (2017). Exploring education for sustainable development, as figured in the Sustainable Development Goals: Conundrums and metonymic relationships. Unpublished Masters dissertation, University of Auckland.


O’Sullivan, V. (2004). Media statement published on MOP gallery website. See:

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